Jo Loves Fragrance Tapas Experience

National Fragrance Week Events 2020

Jo Loves, 42 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9NZ
For National Fragrance Week Jo Loves will be showcasing their Fragrance Tapas Experience! Find your perfect scent with one of their Scent Artists through Jo Love's exclusive Fragrance Tapas Experience. 

42 Elizabeth Street reveals the first Jo Loves

Fragrance Brasserie Bar, which like a river of red, run through the heart of the store. Designed to amuse your nose and scent your skin, join us in store and enjoy a complimentary Fragrance Tapas experience. Whether alone or with a friend, relax at the Fragrance Brasserie Bar and select your desired fragrances to create a personal plate of scented tapas. Bath Cologne is warmed within a tagine and released via a cloud of scented steam, Cleanser is shaken over ice and strained into a glass and Lotion is whipped and foamed before being swept gently onto your skin with a paintbrush.