Jasmine Training for journalists with Marina Barcenilla

National Fragrance Week Events 2018


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This course is complimentary for Fragrance Journalists & Bloggers.

Marina Barcenilla is the Founder & Perfumer behind the multi-award winning Marina Barcenilla Parfums fragrance house. She is a pioneer in the realm of natural fragrances, for which she has received two Fragrance Foundation Awards and she has dedicated decades of her life to the study & practice of olfactory art.
Marina regularly shares her knowledge & skills through workshops & perfume courses, which she imparts to students from all around the world, some of whom have gone onto becoming successful fragrance brand owners themselves.
Marina's true passion is the exploration of fragrance to tell personal stories & the use of experimental perfume to facilitate learning & understanding of difficult subjects, such as in her latest olfactory project, AromAtom.

This course will cover...

An in depth exploration into classic perfumery and the Chypre Family.
What exactly is a Chypre fragrance? Who launched the first Chypre? What makes up a Chypre accord and what are the notes typically found in Chypre fragrances?
Marina will explore the traditional materials used to compose this perfume family, looking at key ingredients such as Labdanum, Oak Moss and Bergamot, and show why Chypres really are classic perfumes, with a heritage that dates back to thousands of years ago.

Tuesday 6th March 9.30am-11.30pm
Venue: Central London

Journalists only.