Create personalised complimentary gift cards with Floraïku

National Fragrance Week Events 2018


The fragrance brand, inspired by Japanese ceremonies and traditions, is inviting customers to create their own personalised complimentary gift cards with their Floraïku purchases during National Fragrance Week. Whether it be the name of a loved one, a haiku poem, or a Japanese phrase, Kashuu will be on hand to turn words into art.

Available at Harrods.

05 March 2018: 5-8pm
06 March 2018: 5-8pm
07 March 2018:11am to-2pm
08 March 2018: 5-8pm
09 March 2018: 5-8pm
10 March 2018: 5-8pm
11 March 2018: 3-6pm