Key Messages

Key Messages

Appreciate the Power of Smell

Understand the science of smell: it goes through the limbic system, the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion.
Engage consumers in their instinctive response to scent, which is immediate and focuses on the emotional rather than the rational.

Promote the complex psychology to smelling & how it makes us feel – it can have an impact on our wellbeing & our mood.

See how fragrance affects hundreds of people...

Celebrate the Joy of Fragrance

Celebrate the complexity of the craft and skill of fragrance creation.
Showcase our Perfumers: they are highly trained and blend the arts and the sciences.
Appreciate the extraordinary notes and ingredients, from the traditional to the exotic, which each fragrance combines. Encourage consumers to build a 'Wardrobe of Fragrance': Fragrance is not just for a quick spritz now and again – we should build up a personal library and use it in many different ways – including in our homes.
Demonstrate fragrance as a means of personal expression.

Recognise the Opportunities within the Industry

Educate consumers about the complexities of perfumery and the skill involved. Raise the profile of career opportunities available.
Benefit from the knowledge and experience of trained industry professionals.